What You Wish You Had Known Before Launching Your First ICO

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The first Initial Coin Offering is a difficult experience. It’s a complex project involving multiple areas, including IT, marketing and security. Here’s a few comments from our team, based on our delivering multiple ICO projects for our clients.

You have to be sure that all the departments of your company are on the same page

The main challenge you will be facing is an organisational one – to coordinate the whole company’s efforts. An ICO is an event where timing is crucial. Your IT, marketing and financial activities have to meet at one point.

Put extra care into the scheduling and planning phase of the project, and make sure your infrastructure and the technical aspects of your cryptocurrency will be ready and polished on time.

The reason we mention it here is simple – later on, when the whole thing will start gaining traction, there won’t be time for improvements and or to reconsider things. You will be knee-deep in solving everyday challenges.

ICO Safety First

The safety of your project is very important, as you can be sure that it will be well tested in practice once you launch your offering.

To be sure that everything will run smoothly, double check your IT and make sure everyone in your company understands the best practices and rules. The human factor is often the weakest point of security.

Safe investment will save you lots of expensive problems.

If you would like to learn more about the details of preparing an Initial Coin Offering, take a look at one of our most popular posts, describing the whole process from A to Z.
>> How to launch an ICO project

Smart Contract – do you need a software house?

Creating a basic Smart Contract is easy. You can use the examples available all over the internet. The problem starts when you need to create a complex, reliable business solution that people will invest in.

If you have experienced blockchain developers, it’s always a good idea to seek consultation on your final Smart Contract with other experts. Once you deploy it, there’s no way back.

ICO is a complex process, involving financial issues and possessed of multiple points that can bring it to failure. It’s a good idea to check it with an experienced team.

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