Software Development

When you have an idea but no technical abilities, 4soft allows you to not stress about your software development and focus on building a successful business instead. We provide premium services and give you access to an extensive knowledge base that we acquired during our 7 years of growth in the industry.

Our way of software development

Here at 4soft, we dedicate ourselves to delivering high quality software with all the necessary assistance, which means you can get not only an experienced developers, but also:

  • Project managers, who’ll make sure the process is streamlined and the communication is clear,project managers, who’ll make sure the process is streamlined and the communication is clear,
  • QA specialists, who’ll test the application inside and out,
  • UX/UI product designers, who’ll help you make your solution to be on par with industry standards in user experience and overhaul look,
  • System architects, who’ll be able to design a scalable and efficient solution, no matter if you plan to have 1000 users, or 10 million,DevOps, whose main responsibility is to make your software stable and deployed using the latest technologies on the market.

Premium software services

Check our broad tech stack. We know how to create an app, be it mobile, web or desktop.

Mobile development
Having lots of mobile apps in our portfolio, we provide our clients with exactly what they need while also consulting if, for example, developing a native mobile application makes any sense. In some cases, it’s much more cost and time effective to opt in for React Native development.
Web development
The more we move into cloud, the more we see a rise in a need for desktop-like experience in the browser. Developing fast performant systems requires solid tech expertise on each stage of development. Thankfully, our company had a wide range of technologies to pick from.
Desktop development
While mobile and web apps grow in popularity, in many ways desktop apps are still above the rest in terms of performance and functionalities. We can also build cross-platform solutions based on Electron or React Native.

Industry-specific approach

While being able to develop both simple and complex solutions, 4soft is a software development company that puts an emphasis on selected industries and technologies. Amongst a broad range of available paths, we decided to focus on the following ones:

  • IoT development
  • Blockchain development
  • ICO/STO development
Cooperation models
Being an international software development company, we want to provide flexible mechanisms as to how we cooperate with our clients. We understand that each business requires custom software development assistance on different stages of their lives. Smaller startups with no time for recruitment or lack of technical expertise might need to hire a dedicated team with broad competencies, while a medium company, who already has an IT department, might want to simply scale their development bandwidth.
Dedicated team
Based on your specific needs, we can provide you with a full-scale software development unit, consisting of front- and back-end developers, manual and automatic testers, a project manager, blockchain or IoT specialist as well as UX/UI product designer.
Extended team
Simply enquire for a required tech stack and we’ll share with you the CVs of developers that might be available to integrate with your team in the near future.
Custom solution
In case you’re not satisfied with previously presented models, feel free to contact us and let’s have a chat. We are sure will be able to find a proper solution.

Proof of expertise

We don’t like to chat gibberish without any proof of our craftsmanship, so let’s have a look at the achievements we’re proud of:
Top 2 Blockchain Development Company on Clutch
Years of hard work and delivery of great products allowed us to reach top 2. Clutch is also where we keep our clients’ testimonials, so if you’d like to check those, head over there.
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Amazon’s official knowledge exam, passed by over team members in order to developer top grade solutions for our business partners.
Google Cloud Certificate
Google’s own certification process aimed to validate developers’ expertise and knowledge on how to implement their Google Cloud solutions.
Hosho Audit
Hosho has been the top blockchain audit company in the world before suffering from the ICO crisis. During the development of one of the blockchain solutions for our client, we had to undergo a third party security audit. Hosho was the one chosen by the client. The auditors took our product, thoroughly analysed it and gave us a pass.
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