ICO/STO Development

The huge successes of projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum paved the way for a multitude of impressive crypto ideas. The new institution of Initial Coin Offering gave them what they needed to grow - an easy medium for crowdfunding and investments.

Our Blockchain team is experienced in delivering such projects, including an ICO that collected over $15 mln. Now, let’s talk about your own custom coin.

ICO development company
The fragile process of forging new coin requires a strong software development partner well versed in multiple aspects of coding and business processes. At 4soft, you get full support of our experienced developers and analysts.
ICO development
The standard Initial Coin Offering. We delivered a number of ICOs that helped our clients launch impressive businesses. This classic approach was a base for many projects in the past, but at the moment companies tend to move to a more regulated STO area. You can still leverage it in a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) release model.
STO Development
If you consider the United States as your target market, you have to consider STO as a way to launch your cryptocurrency. Security Token Offerings are basically ICOs transcribed to fit into the legal environment of the United States. They require much more paperwork and cooperation with the legal advisors. In fact, they are similar to the traditional IPO (Initial Public Offering).
IEO Development
Initial Exchange Offering is the act of launching your cryptocurrency in cooperation with a crypto exchange. They can easily copy and paste the process for multiple currencies, and allow investors to buy your tokens straight through the exchange.

ICO development

ICO development requires certain precision to keep the process safe and secure. This type of funding is often targeted by hackers and criminals. When you do not protect the vulnerable elements, it might become a low hanging fruit for the cyber-criminals.

It is not only a matter of the technology itself - as usual, the weakest cell is people. Most of the attack vectors are simple frauds, based on easy to counter approaches, such as fake emails. The blockchain is safe and secure - but the people are not. Your team needs to be perfectly prepared for this launch.

Our ICO process
Technically, we describe the basic Initial Coin Offering in 4 steps. Of course, in practice you need more than that - a successful cryptocurrency release needs a proper marketing strategy, creating white paper with the technical description, and legal support.

As a blockchain software house, we get you covered when it comes to the technical side of the project of:
Creating a Smart Contract
A custom Smart Contract is a base for your new cryptocurrency. The blockchain is immutable. It means that after you launch the contract, you cannot alter it. The code has to be flawless, perfectly designed, and well audited - every typo can ruin the whole project.
Initial Coin Offering
In this phase, your investors can sign up for your tokens and pay for it. This element has to be perfectly safe. Otherwise, it can expose investors to frauds and cause them to lose their (and yours) funds.
Smart Contract Deployment
The deployment puts your cryptocurrency live on the blockchain. It a crucial operation. There is no turning back after this point.
Token Allocation
You send the freshly forged tokens to the new investors and make sure everyone got what they paid for. From now on your freshly minted currency can be bought and sold on the markets all around the world.

ICO platform

We created a set of our own custom tools to support the process, including collecting investors’ data and transferring the tokens.

This approach allows us for building a solution that is much better adjusted to your needs than an out-of-box ICO platform. All those elements can be custom tailored and combined into a powerful custom solution for subscription, money collecting and token deployment.

We have created custom Smart Contracts successfully audited by third parties.

Java and other technologies in ICO development

You can basically create ICO in any technology. The most popular medium for new cryptocurrencies is Ethereum and Smart Contracts written in Solidity language. Thanks to this, you can ”publish” your currency on the Blockchain of Ethereum. It gives you the advantage of its amazing scale.

But it's not the end of the story. We delivered Blockchain platforms in Java and Node.js. If you are thinking about a particular custom blockchain solution, feel free to reach out.

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