Blockchain Development

The innovative platforms based on Distributed Ledger Technology can be a disruptive tool for many industries. Creating a solid, useful, safe, and efficient Blockchain solution is a serious challenge for many modern companies. Based on our experience in delivering similar products for clients all over the world, we can build for you a custom platform to solve multiple issues with safety and efficiency.

4soft - a Blockchain Development Company

Usually, when we are talking about innovations, the blockchain development company you are talking with has to not only code but be able to consult your ideas, understand your activities and problems and find the best answer to your needs.

That’s why we always focus on a proper analysis before the job. We want to make Blockchain that matters, and blockchain applications that will be truly beneficial for the users.

It is important to understand, that Blockchain will not be the best solution for every company. It is often a buzzword for marketing, to help businesses stand out from the crowd and build the image of a progressive company interested in new technologies. In many cases, the traditional database might be a better, faster, and more efficient answer.
We are not afraid to tell you that and show you potential numbers. Our goal is to help you succeed with your project and reach the business goals in the most effective way, and make sure that the solution we build is a perfect fit for you.

Our experience as a Blockchain Software Development Company

We had multiple opportunities to work for companies all over the world, from the United States, through Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates to Australia. From business ICO and STO projects to custom distributed ledgers for giant telecommunication companies.

We know that blockchain software development is a way to bring your company to the next level. It requires a certain courage but is also a great opportunity. You need an experienced guide to leverage the new technology through custom IT. We are here to make it come true. All the projects that we have delivered earned us top positions on the lists of the best Blockchain development companies created by independent reviewers, like Clutch, TechReviewer, DesignRush, and Goodfirms.

Examples of Blockchain Software Development projects
Most effective scenarios of Blockchain use cases leverage the fact, that it can assure trustable transactions between parties, that cannot trust each other. This fact can eliminate the middleman in the process, providing significant savings.

Blockchain is an innovative technology that can be applied in a number of use cases.
Supply chain management
Thanks to the immutability of the ledger, you can effectively track valuable assets and make sure the goods will not be counterfeit. What is once coded in Blockchain, will stay intact as long as the Blockchain exists. No hacker can alter that entry. Such solutions are already in use in Walmart and automotive companies.
Transferring money
Financial transfers are the first appliance of Blockchain technology. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, and it still holds the crown as the most valuable of them. It allows you to transfer value in a safe and secure manner without the help of the banking system. However, new solutions like Ripple are open for integrations with the traditional financial branch to disrupt the old transferring system and increase the transaction speed.
Protecting personal data
There are appliances that avoid people to control their own personal data. Blockchain uses top-tier cryptography to protect them and make sure they are immune to fraud.
Creating loyalty system
Loyalty system is an application that utilizes the to value transferring ability of the distributed ledger technology. It requires transferring tokens between multiple users and companies. Thanks to Blockchain development we can make sure nobody changes the amounts of loyalty points, or create fake ones. Every company can have its own node to watch all the activity within the network.

Smart Contract Development

Blockchain development is not always all about creating a new Blockchain. In many cases, we can use the existing solutions to create our own applications. To do that, we have to code our own custom Smart Contracts.

Smart Contract is an autonomous program that runs on Blockchain. You can use it, as the name suggests, to sign a contract with another user. This contract will fulfill its own commitment when certain conditions are met. You can take the Solidity language as an example.

The process of creating such a program is extremely difficult . The blockchain is immutable, so a single typo in the code jeopardize the whole project. That’s why you need skilled programmers, that know all the dangers on this way.Our Smart Contracts successfully passed third - party audits by renowned companies like Hosho.
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