Preparing your company for ICO – 7 articles

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ICO is a challenging process for a company. That’s why we assembled the 7 resources, that will help you collect intelligence on building your own project.

Let’s jump straight to the action:

Essential articles on the ICO process

This blog has always meant to be a reliable source of data for launching your own coin. The biggest value you will find in those 3 articles:

Describing custom 4soft process that helped us deliver a number of successful coins to the market.

Describing the whole development background behind the mentioned projects.

Describing the major obstacles and threats on your way to own cryptocurrency.

Working with a blockchain software house

The skills behind ICO development are often very specific and difficult to find within your own company. That’s why parts of it tend to be outsourced – here’s how to do it smoothly, and avoid the usual risks.

A bonus article

Last but not least, a short text on a few things you should know before launching the project.

Interested in ICO development?

Let’s talk. Our team has experience in delivering complex successful projects.

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