Software company in New York

With an ecosystem valued at $64 bn, NYC has numerous software companies and startups in the area. It’s the 2nd largest tech ecosystem in the world. Over 9000 startups, a wide range of accelerators, targeted at different industries, plenty of unicorns, and 47 Fortune 500 companies make it one of the top global innovation hubs. In 2019, the city created more companies valued above $1 bn than ever.

It’s also a very diversity-rich city. There are more than 400k women-owned businesses and about 50% of their tech workforce is foreign-born.

Famous software companies in NYC
You’ve probably heard all the mentioned below names, but maybe you didn’t know where their origins lay. Now you know — NYC!
A global marketplace for unique and creative goods, often handcrafted by many small businesses, who are using the platform to sell their products
Widely-known as an international co-working space, WeWork does not simply rent space, they build a strong community of tech enthusiasts all around the globe
A media outlet responsible for hundreds of millions of clicks and taps happening in the social media world, simply because their main focus is clickability
Vice Media
A global youth media company that serves both as a news outlet and as a creator of entertainment content: video, podcasts, streaming and more
An audio fingerprint-based app with a sole purpose to identify music, movies, ads, and TV shows through short audio samples
A media outlet responsible for hundreds of millions of clicks and taps happening in the social media world, simply because their main focus is clickability
A bit less known in the B2C world, MongoDB is one of, if not the most, popular database for modern applications
A WordPress rival, Squarespace is a use-to-use all-in-one solution for building your professional websites, e-commerce, galleries and many more
A digital product design platform, used by many software development companies in NYC and beyond
Yes, we are also present in NYC, delivering innovative Blockchain software projects. Simply contact us if you need a proven team.

4soft expertise in New York

As a software agency, we specialize in the development of custom scalable solutions using the newest technologies. With 7 years of experience, nearly 100 delivered projects, and over 60 people strong team, we develop top grade FinTech systems with a high focus on blockchain development.

  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • IoT Development
  • PWA Development
  • MVP Development
  • POC Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Ethereum Development
  • Hyperledger Development
  • Quorum Development
  • Corda Development
  • Bitcoin Development

Certified software developers

Aiming to develop fast and efficient systems, we put a lot of effort into growing our DevOps department. We are proud to be among the top, as we have successfully based both AWS and GCP certification programs. When we’re delivering our custom solutions to our customers, we guarantee its stability, security, and scalability for its future growth.

Hassle-free cooperation

Because plenty of our clients are actually US-based, we’ve managed to accommodate our work process to be comfortable both for our customers and our employees. With only 6 hours ahead of New York, we can easily schedule and fit every needed meeting into a timeframe, suitable for everyone. As a result, software development outsourcing stops being something scary and uncomfortable.

Simple and transparent processes
We value transparency and clarity of communication, that’s why we designed our processes to be as simple as they are now.
Product workshop
We kick off our cooperation with clients via a product workshop. It consists of series of a meetings like user journey meeting, architectural session, hardware analysis etc. with various departments with the sole purpose of understanding where are we going to with the project. It’s also beneficial to our clients because our team members’ expertise allows them to clarify some things they were previously unsure about. If we find new obstacles in the process we strive to solve them.
UX/UI Design
When all the details are sorted, we either start from UX/UI design, if required, or move onto our main iteration process of three stages: development, testing and deployment.
When the sprint planning is done, we freeze the scope and the team kicks off the development.
When the task is ticked off by a developer for testing, our QA teams start our standardized testing process.
Once the development-testing loop is completed, we deploy the code and present the progress to the client during a bi-weekly demo.
When we finish the product development we transfer every project-related thing to the clients, including repos, assets, and most importantly — intellectual rights. Sometimes clients decide they need further development, so we initiate our process from step 1.

We work for clients in New York

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