How Does a Token Gain Value?

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How does the numbers on the bank account gain value? They are bound to something.

The same mechanism is connected with blockchain tokens: the token points at the real object of value – its role.

The value of a token is connected to its role

In short, the token gives you access to something – be it money, right or feature – and that’s what makes it worth the investors’ money.

William Mougayar differentiates seven roles, related to different features and purpose:

  • Token can grant you the right – such as voting right within the platform connected to it.
  • The tokens can be used as currency – to store value and conduct transactions within the ecosystem.
  • Tokens can be connected with a certain functions – that unlock some extras for the user and enrich the user experience.
  • Tokens can support value exchange – the attributes of blockchain help to create a reliable system to transfer it.
  • The tokens can help you to distribute earnings – the online blockchain network can easily split the benefits between the users.
  • Tokens can be a toll gateway – it grants you access to particular areas in the system, or the premium features.

How to increase the value of a token?

If you are looking for a way to increase the value of a cryptocurrency, you can combine a few roles in it. For example, Arricoin, the Arrinera’s token, grants you the right to vote for designs, buy cars and gadgets and to drive the cars during special events.

The best idea is not to focus on the coin itself, but on the whole ecosystem and the value behind it – the coin is basically an addon to the platform for your business, where it can perform various roles.

Let’s talk about your cryptocurrency

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