Cutting the time to market for German telco and smart device manufacturer – Gigaset

Integrating a web application with a variety of devices

Collaboration type:

Team extension


Angular, REST API, Websockets

Team size:

3 specialists

Project time:

June 2021 – ongoing

The Client

On the market since 1941, Gigaset is Europe’s top manufacturer of landline phones and intelligent home solutions. The company’s products are widespread among both individual consumers and businesses, known for longevity and reliability.

The Challenge

Top-quality hardware has to go hand in hand with reliable software. Gigaset is currently building a new web application that allows users to manage their devices from one place. They reached out to 4soft during the project to ensure its timely delivery.

Our client had already made key decisions about the architecture, feature list, and tech stack. The missing piece was a team of frontend developers who could quickly catch up and help reduce the project’s time to market.

The project had a strict schedule right from the start. Thanks to well-defined requirements, the business development discussion was reduced to the minimum, and we went straight to the technical examination of our developers. The feedback was positive, so we stepped into the project right away.

The Process

Our team is working on a web application to support and manage the telephone exchange with color-touchscreen – Fusion and its smaller, younger brother – SmartUnit. It offers the possibility of the full configuration of the attached telephone headsets, creating groups, managing voicemail, and interactive voice responders, and redirecting calls according to the schedule set by the user. Amongst many other features there is a possibility to add custom ringtones or wallpapers.

The application was originally created with desktop machines in mind, but a year after the project started, our team also started to implement RWD for mobile devices.

Our team builds the application by providing new functionalities before the product’s release to the customer market. The stack at the moment is as follows: Angular 12 (target 14), Rxjs, Scss, REST API, Bootstrap 5, Websockets. Backend written in C ++. The application is deployed to Jenkins, and artifacts are stored on JFrog. We also use two repositories: Gerrit and GitLab (for storage only).

4soft’s developers merged into a team of 20 specialists. The project is managed in an agile methodology, which includes working with a Project Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Tech Lead on Gigaset’s side.

Cutting the time to market for new Gigaset web application

The Results

The project is now a top priority for our client’s management team. Our mid- and senior-level developers implement features within the agreed timeline, taking away a significant part of the burden that would otherwise fall on the shoulders of the client’s internal IT team.

Since 4soft developers joined our team, the speed of the development has significantly increased. We are able to eliminate bottlenecks in the area and significantly reduce time to market. Their upper management understands our business needs and covers them in a timely manner.

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