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4 months

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4 people



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Project’s goal

When it comes to loyalty programs, customers value flexibility and solutions that are friendly and easy to use. This is a perfect opportunity to leverage Blockchain strengths..

The Challenge

Managing multiple loyalty programs can be troublesome. You have to coordinate various loyalty points scattered across multiple brands.
The challenge was to create one loyalty system to rule them all..

The Solution

Blockchain is a smart way to unify loyalty points while reducing costs and fraud rate. We built a blockchain solution that allows a customer to store all their points in a single wallet.

Thanks to this we gain 1 universal token, which standardizes these points. The user can spend them at each of the participants of the loyalty program.

Main Features

The user collects points as before: buying coffee, air ticket, flowers or any other product from the partners. We replace those points with a crypto value passed to our blockchain.

The whole project is based on Hyperledger blockchain instance, hosted privately on a secure server. We selected this technology due to the number of expected transactions – Hyperledger can process several hundred transactions per second.

Our Strengths


The ledger can be easily audited and shared with the authorized organizations.


Whenever you need to add another partner to your network, you can simply provide them with additional nodes.


Decentralized ledger lets you store the data in multiple places, and even if some of the nodes get hijacked or destroyed, the system still works.

Cost reduction

Blockchain is almost self-sufficient. It can significantly lower your maintenance costs.

If you need to estimate a project or have any questions, get in touch with us.

Tom Head of Sales

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