Building the first app for real-time counting of carbon emissions – TerGo

Empowering Environmental Consciousness

Collaboration type:

Team leasing


React Native, Geolocation, Zustand, Storybook, Jest/RTL

Team size:

5 specialists

Project time:

April 2022 – present

The Client

TerGo is a company whose main goal is to support businesses, organizations and individuals by automating the calculation of the carbon footprint. Its products empower individuals with simple tools to take charge of their daily eco-actions in real-time.

TerGo develops tools that make calculating the carbon footprint simple and does not require the involvement of experts. The main products of TerGo are Tergoscope – carbon accounting software for companies and TERbit – an application for individual and corporate users showing emission savings in real time.

The Challenge

The company developed TERbit, the first mobile app in the world that enables real-time counting of carbon reductions, helping consumers to positively contribute to stopping global climate change!

TerGo was looking to build an application that tracks the user’s movements in the background (on foot, by bike, car, car sharing, and public transport) and, on this basis, calculates how much CO2 a given user has saved compared to the average emissions for the inhabitants of a given country.

Tracking the user’s location and activity in the background was the biggest challenge since Android and iOS are very restrictive here.

The Process

The first stage of the work is about to finish. The process began with the preparation of designs. Next, our team implemented the mobile application screens and business logic.

The Results

The application contains standard screens characteristic of an application that collects and displays data. Currently, it is possible to track the user’s activity during their activity (walking and transportation by bike, car, shared ride, creating a joint session, joining a session).

The application is a tool for people who want to see their impact on reducing climate change. Organizations can use it to reward their employees for choosing a greener mode of transport on their way to work. The application offers customization options to companies.

If you need to estimate a project or have any questions, get in touch with us.

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