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Support and automation for glass installation designers – CDA Polska

Architecture audit, redesign, and reimplementation of a domain-expertise application
CDA Polska application

How to automate a process and lift many tasks off a designer’s plate? Take a look at this case study to see how a well-designed application can become a game-changer for a glass manufacturing company.

Building the world’s leading cryptoasset compliance software – Elliptic

Custom software development for crypto risk management
Custom software development for crypto risk management

Learn how the 4soft team helped this global leader in crypto risk management to build its state-of-the-art suite of compliance and investigative solutions explicitly built for cryptoassets.

Cutting the time to market for German telco and smart device manufacturer – Gigaset

Integrating a web application with a variety of devices

Top-quality hardware has to go hand in hand with reliable software. Gigaset is currently building a new web application that allows users to manage their devices from one place. They reached out to 4soft during the project to ensure its timely delivery.

Machine learning-driven customer service – AI BOT

Building Natural Language Processing models for the Polish language

Our Machine Learning team had set out on a mission to contribute to this area of science. The goal was to create a machine learning-driven chatbot that could act as an online customer support service across different sectors, from eCommerce to legal and energy companies.

Bringing an innovative startup app to market – Travel App

Connecting travelers to a multitude of options
4soft designers composed the style guide for the Travel app.

Imagine a concierge for travellers who books your plane and hotel, connects with other travellers, and ensures a perfect on-site experience through guide services and local activities. We locked all of these features in one app: Travel App.

Building opportunities for DeFi startups: Colony, a community-driven accelerator

Development of a custom blockchain fundraising platform

Colony is a brand new community-driven ecosystem accelerator that aims to build a properly incentivized foundation for the next generation of Web3 applications built on Avalanche – an open, programmable smart contracts platform for decentralized applications.

Business Intelligence plugin for Amazon sellers – ZonGuru

An application that brings a wealth of features to Amazon-based businesses

Our team helped ZonGuru – the company behind the Amazon Seller Central – improve their platform by developing a plugin that optimizes a number of key sales processes and delivers a handy dashboard every seller wishes to have.

Unlocking the full potential of DeFi assets – Paribus.io

Development of a blockchain protocol for a Decentralized Finance application

The company’s mission is to remain chain agnostic and at the same time connect innumerable assets across multiple blockchains, allowing win-win transactions between borrowers and lenders.

Blockchain Loyalty System

Easier Partnerships

When it comes to loyalty programs, customers value flexibility and solutions that are friendly and easy to use. This is a perfect opportunity to leverage Blockchain strengths.

Blockchain Data Signer

A custom Blockchain to store license data

License data are prone to fraud. An independent state telecommunication regulator asked us to create a platform to store help them store it in a safe and secure way.

Double Blockchain Platform

A complex environment with double blockchain solution

The client came up with an innovative idea – a platform that utilizes double-intertwined blockchains to reduce money transfer costs. We built for him a safe and secure double blockchain platform.


Creating Elements of a Cryptocurrency

The goal of the Torus Project was to create a cryptocurrency that will let people invest in renewable energy sources and benefit from their popularity. We created a perfect fundraising platform for them.

Ensuring cybersecurity for a new cryptocurrency – ICO

Creating custom cryptocurrency

One of our US-based clients decided to create a new cryptocurrency and to conduct the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) process to facilitate business transactions.

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