What is Hyperledger?

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Hyperledger is a hot topic in blockchain for business. It’s an open source collaborative project, hosted by The Linux Foundation and supported by IBM, Intel and SAP creating a number of blockchain technologies useful in various industries.

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Set of Hyperledger Solutions

Since 2016 the Hyperledger partners create open source blockchains and related tools, that can be used in finance, healthcare, supply chain, banking, IoT and manufacturing. It aims at creating an umbrella of technologies including frameworks and tools for business implementations.

It includes:

Hyperledger Frameworks

  • Burrow - a basic blockchain client
  • Fabric - permissioned blockchain infrastructure
  • Iroha - mobile solution based on Fabric
  • Sawtooth - a modular platform for distributed ledgers
  • Indy - distributed ledger supporting independent identity

Hyperledger Tools

  • Caliper - blockchain benchmark tool to measure the performance of a blockchain
  • Cello - on-demand deployment model for the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Composer - set of tools for building blockchain business networks
  • Explorer - a blockchain module to create user-friendly Web applications
  • Quilt - a business tool that allows for the interoperability between ledger systems

The future opportunities

The popularity of Hyperledger increases, especially in the corporate environment, where the business requires proven private blockchain solutions, and avoids using external platforms (for example Ethereum).

The power of this project lies within the companies that support its development. The list of the contributors consist of well-known technology platforms, business software developers and financial services providers. The effects of their work proves that Hyperledger is a promising choice for creating internal blockchain solutions in business.

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