Top Blockchain & Crypto News Sites (for People in a Hurry)

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You can find plenty of sources on distributed ledger technology and virtual currencies - but it hard to decide, which of them are worth your time.

As a blockchain blogger, I’ve spent a lot of time to find the perfect sources - and I’m here to help you. Here’s my highly subjective list of platforms with news on the topic. Of course, there’s much more than that - but let’s assume your time is limited to just 15 min round-up of the day's press.

Composing your list of blockchain and crypto news portals

In 15 minutes you can probably rush through the newest entries on one or two portals. In your place, I’d pick from those four. Each has a different profile, and some of them might fit your interests better than the others:

1. CoinDesk

Coindesk is probably the most popular cryptocurrency news platform. For many people, it is the main source of the newest information on the market: it's fresh, reliable, well-written.

2. Forbes

Forbes is a medium that’s perfect if you’re not a daily crypto trader, but rather want to supply your financial reads with a pinch of blockchain technology and its influence on the world markets. Most of the articles are focused on business rather than technical aspects.

Great source for entrepreneurs or people who want to see how innovations influence the economics in macro scale.

3. CCN

CCN made it to this list based on their articles themselves - they are fun to read, and you get plenty of them every day.

A perfect option if you are tired of the standard boring articles.

4. Cointelegraph

To keep the healthy balance of having 50% of portals with “Coin” in their name, we’re finishing with a very popular source of news on the cryptocurrency market.

Reports, analyses, and really cool toon graphics - a very effective compromise between knowledge and fun.

Got some extra time? Add some alternative media on the side!

If your schedule is similar to mine, you can probably afford once in a week to spend some more time to dig deeper into the topic. I'd recommend supplying your knowledge with different sources - it helps to build a better image of the technology and the market.

Here’s a nice list of alternative websites:

1. Coinbase Blog

Coinbase is the most popular place to buy and sell digital currency, and their blog is a force to be reckoned with - just because of their reach and influence their news can make.

2. Open Access Government

The Blockchain part of Open Access Government platform offers us a nice spin towards public policy and government issues. You can see here more of an NGO view of the technical possibilities, and less business approach. Refreshing.

3. The Block

The Block is a steady supplier of good quality content. For me, the most interesting is the “Applications” tab, describing potential blockchain use cases.

4. CoinSchedule

CoinSchedule is a data center, that gives your overview of ICO, STO, IEO and exchange statistics. They also aggregate the news from other sites.

It’s a good place to check the recent changes in the market prices and - in general - analyze the state of the crypto asset market.

5. IBM Blockchain

Well, the name speaks for itself. IBM is highly engaged in blockchain and projects like Hyperleger. The new articles aren’t published daily, but it's worth it to follow their blog and visit it from time to time.

What now?

  • Set up your chosen site as the starting page, add the rest to your bookmarks bar. If you prefer - set up notifications.
  • Arrange the best time to check the news - getting your morning coffee, waiting for the bus to work, finding a moment to chill out during the day.
  • Make the 15 min round-up of the day's press your habit. It’s very easy to fall out of sync with the technology like blockchain. Keep a finger on the pulse.

And if you love some other sources not listed above - add them in the comment!

We're always up to talk about your blockchain project.

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