Alphamoon & 4soft - How (and Why) AI and Blockchain Can Work Together

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You might already have heard the recent news: we join forces with Alphamoon. There’s a number of reasons behind it, and the main one is the enormous business and technological opportunities created by this cooperation. Here’s a short note on how and why we’ve decided to work together.

Why us two?

Alphamoon is a well-known Software House specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data projects. They have an unique scientific approach to software development. Their amazing team is one of its kind, very well educated, with a number of people with PhDs, regularly publishing scientific papers on new technologies.

We are both among the most innovative and fastest growing Software Houses in Wrocław - two highly specialized software development companies, paving new ways in two groundbreaking technologies.

We have a lot in common. We share the same values and goals. But at the same time we have perfectly complementary skills, extremely difficult to get on our own.

Alphamoon is one of the leading AI companies in Poland. They have talented and highly qualified team, which has already proven that they can successfully develop and deliver AI technologies for various industries. It would be impossible for us to build such competencies from scratch, which is why we believe that by joining forces we can jointly make profitable synergies.” - Bartosz Robaszewski, CEO of 4soft

Together we can share the opportunities, and potentially leverage our abilities to deliver cross technological projects, combining Blockchain, AI and Big Data. As the Blockchain technology is a specific way of storing the data, the Big Data solutions are perfect way to process them. They are natural allies - and that's why this partnership gives us an access to a whole new world of possibilities.

4soft is more than just a software house - they are a group of strong professionals and young enthusiasts, enjoying taking on new challenges, and passionate about recent technologies. We are really impressed by their great company culture and well-developed sales. They have all the skills that we lack, so joining our forces can lead to many new opportunities. Together we can achieve more.” - Michał Staśkiewicz, CEO of Alphamoon

First step together: AI & Blockchain event in Berlin

We organize an AI & Blockchain event next week with two amazing experts from Alphamoon and 4soft: Adam Gonczarek (Ph.D.) and Mateusz Fejczaruk. They will share insights and use cases on both of those innovative technologies.

Adam will be discussing the rise of natural language processing in business and industry, and Mateusz will cover the topic of getting fast access to high-quality crypto market data.

This will be the first step for this two wonderful teams working together, and if you are anywhere near Berlin, we kindly invite you to witness it and explore the business appliances of AI & Blockchain.

Join us on Thursday, 12 September 2019, at “The Place Berlin”. We start at 6 PM.

You can book your seat here.

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