5 Essential 4soft Articles on Smart Contracts

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We’re working hard to share some of our knowledge on ICO and blockchain development with you, and some of the issues we’ve covered really struck a chord. Smart Contracts is a topic which raised particular interest. Take a look at some of the most popular articles:

Smart Contract Basics

Looking for some basic information and examples to get a grip on Smart Contracts? Here’s an article on what they are and how you can use them in your business:

Smart Contracts Appliances - 4soft Blog

This article is an introduction for people that are new to the cryptocurrency technology world. It’s entry level data, but in the other articles we also share more technically in depth insights, which may prove useful for blockchain developers.

Technical Analysis of Smart Contracts

If you are looking for technical details, take a look at the analysis written by our blockchain developers. Here’s some of our most popular stuff. Michael Frysztacki, our software engineer, digs deep into Solidity code and describes its typical mistakes and bugs.

It’s good stuff to develop your knowledge as a blockchain developer. You will find some useful insights if you plan to create your own solution.

The Most Typical Mistakes In Smart Contracts - Based On 4soft Solidity Audits

Smart Contract Audit - Critical Bug With Code Example - 4soft Blog

ERC Ethereum Standards

Working on Ethereum based tokens, you will rarely write things from scratch. There are a few standards that can help you standardize your token and make it fit for the purpose of exchange listings.

Take a look at our short analysis of two popular ERC standards - ERC-20 and ERC-721. This is the base for cryptocurrencies which you will have to know when considering your own initial coin offering.

Ethereum ERC-20 Standard Token Breakdown

ERC-721 Ethereum Standard - What Is It For?

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