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  • Is it a good moment to start ICO?

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 06.11.2018
    This years turbulences in the crypto world might create some anxiety regarding the ICOs fate in general. But in fact, this June they almost surpassed the total value of all the Initial Coin Offerings in 2017 [according to Coinschedule]....
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  • Airdrop in the ICO Process

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 23.10.2018
    We usually share our knowledge on tech details of Initial Coin Offerings and blockchain development. But preparing the tech side of ICO is one thing - you have to align it with the marketing of your new coin. Here’s what they mean by airdropping....
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  • Microsoft & Blockchain: Decentralized Identity

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 18.10.2018
    The eye of the Redmont giant has turned upon blockchain. The company shows increasing interest in the new technology, looking for an effective way to leverage it in the flagship solutions to improve the data analytics and safety. What does it mean to the technology itself?...
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