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  • Utility Tokens in ICO Development

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 11.10.2018
    Law regulations have hugely affected the cryptocurrency market and ICOs, but there’s a kind of token, that doesn’t fall unto US federal laws that concern securities. We call it utility token - and it’s an useful model for most business appliances....
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  • A Short Guide to Security Tokens

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 09.10.2018
    ICOs are growing up. The time of Wild West in this area is already gone, and we see regulations starting to catch up with the changes. It brings in market regulations required for cryptographic tokens, aimed at bringing back the credibility....
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  • Look Ma, no Project Manager! [Crash!]

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 25.09.2018
    Working with clients all around the world, we notified a strong urge for many clients to cut the Project Management expenses of IT projects. Having experience with both approaches, here’s a couple of our insights into the role of Project Manager in the projects with a tight budget....
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