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  • Directed Acyclic Graphs vs Blockchain

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 27.11.2018
    Distributed ledger technology consists of more than just the Blockchain itself. One of the biggest contestants are Directed Acyclic Graphs often called “frenemies” of Blockchain technology, or even the blockchain killers. Projects like Hashgraph, RaiBlocks and Iota are already exploring their potential....
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  • Costs connected with ICO launch

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 22.11.2018
    Budgeting is one of the 3 traps that can sink your ICO. It requires careful and thorough analysis. Here are four basic elements that you need to pinpoint when launching your own project....
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  • Reverse ICO: ICO for an operating business

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 20.11.2018
    The ICO process is often associated with startups and small companies that are kick-starting their activities through crowdfunding. However, there’s another scenario, similar to IPOs, where grown up companies are collecting money to expand their services. To diversify it from the usual startup image, we call it “reverse ICO”....
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  • How Does a Token Gain Value?

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 15.11.2018
    How does the numbers on the bank account gain value? They are bound to something. The same mechanism is connected with blockchain tokens: the token points at the real object of value....
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  • Presale in the ICO Process

    Olszewski Aleksander Olszewski 08.11.2018
    ICO development can be expensive, and launching a full scale project is really demanding when it comes to resources - you have to gather a team, build the whole IT background, take care of the legal issues and manage a big scale promotion to reach the investors. That’s why many companies decide to support their offering at the very beginning with a presale, or pre-ICO....
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